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We Are Aiming For The Stars

The company was born at the end of 2017, from the mind and experience of its founder Flavio Beretta. Flavio’s business idea was to create a company that provides other companies with a digital management platform, solutions based on deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence, productive solutions and ensure high performance for all the companies involved.


Deliver an advanced digital management platform to drive the best in class of maintenance target with highest performance on reliability, productivity and efficiency.


Realizing high technology solutions based on deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence fully integrated in the Industrial digitalization 4.0 process.

Our Core Values


Through our commitment to continuously innovate, we unlock a new value everyday

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We know how to do our job and we are fearless in pursuit of reaching your goals

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The reason we exist is the Client and the satisfaction of its needs

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Our Business In A Nutshell

Our Channels

Keep Calm, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

I’ve learnt from every single experience I’ve been through, ending up by knowing in detail the problems of the industrial world, more specifically about maintenance and production.

By understanding and analyzing the obstacles that have always limited the efficacy and efficiency of the results, I understood that the digital instruments have not been used at their 100% power in the maintenance world.

So, together with almost 40 years of experience in the field of industrial maintenance and the passion for technological innovation, in 2017 I founded AT4S2 (Advanced Technology 4 Smart Services).

Flavio Beretta

CEO & Founder

Where Magic Happens