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Repository of articles written by our team on themes related to Productivity, Reliability and Efficiency

How to Leverage EAM for Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Leveraging EAM for sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing offers a range of best practices that enhance resource utilization, waste reduction, and energy management.

EAM in Sustainability – How Asset Management Supports Sustainable Operations?

Discover how Enterprise Asset Management enhances sustainability across industries, driving efficiency and value.

Data Analytics in EAM –Transforming Decision Making in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Explore how data analytics in EAM enhances decision-making and optimizes operations in the food and beverage industry.

Transforming Manufacturing with EAM and IoT in the Automotive Industry

How does integrating IoT with EAM systems transform automotive manufacturing, enhancing efficiency and enabling real-time monitoring?

Maximizing Efficiency with EAM in Steel and Metal Processes

EAM solutions are transforming steel and metal processes, enhancing efficiency and operational excellence throughout the industry.

EAM in the Pharma Industry – The Backbone of Pharmaceutical Quality and Compliance

How to utilize EAM in the pharmaceutical industry for top-notch compliance and quality control and ensure seamless regulatory adherence?

A Recipe for Success – Blending Asset Management with Food Safety Regulations

7 February 2024 In the food industry, making sure a restaurant or producer complies with food safety regulations is akin to art as much as it is a science. For businesses operating in food & beverage, the path to success is paved with challenges and opportunities alike. However, effective asset management, combining efficiency with regulatory…
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Industry-Specific Benefits

Tailoring EAM Solutions to Your Industry

Tailored solutions meeting industry-specific regulations and optimizing processes for each sector.


Pharma & Chemicals

Compliant with FDA regulations, our solutions offer advanced reporting and efficient management of validation processes, essential for these highly regulated sectors.


Food & Beverage

We focus on increasing plant equipment uptime and minimizing food safety issues, aligning with industry standards, and minimizing non-compliance penalties.

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Our solutions support optimized processes according to World Class Manufacturing/Maintenance and CAPEX savings, crucial for the fast-paced automotive sector.


Metals & Steel Manufacturing

We enhance process optimization, reduce corrective maintenance costs, and improve plant productivity, addressing the unique needs of the metals industry.

Our Services

Our Comprehensive Services for HxGN EAM Excellence

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Our team ensures seamless integration of HxGN EAM into your existing systems, providing a smooth transition and immediate efficiency gains.

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We tailor HxGN EAM to fit your specific business needs, ensuring that the solution aligns perfectly with your operational requirements.

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Delivered by our Academy department, we offer specialized training across various standards, ensuring your team is fully equipped to leverage the HxGN EAM platform to its fullest potential.

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