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Elevating Industrial Efficiency through Modern Asset Management Solutions Leveraging HxGN EAM and Our
40 Years of Experience

At AT4 Smart Services, we combine nearly four decades of industrial maintenance expertise with a deep passion for technological innovation.

Founded in 2017, our mission is to harness digital tools to their fullest potential in the maintenance world, enhancing efficacy and efficiency in industrial operations.

🛠️ Up to 50% reduction in maintenance overtime, labor, and contractor costs
⏱️ 20% reduction in production downtime
💸 50% increase in warranty cost recovery
📉 30% reduction in inventory levels
💰 20% reduction in inventory carrying costs
🛒 10% reduction in materials costs
📉 50% reduction in purchasing process costs
📈 20% improvement in labor productivity
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Main Benefits

We Empower, Streamline, and Upgrade Your Asset Management and Maintenance Processes with HxGN EAM


Cost Savings


Process Optimization


Productivity & Reliability Improvement


Advancements in Safety, Quality, and Environmental Processes


Embracing Industry 4.0

As Integration Champions with extensive assessment experience, AT4 Smart Services customizes HxGN EAM solutions to meet specific sector needs.

Our approach is defined by in-depth sector knowledge and dynamic partnerships, ensuring tailored solutions for every client.

Our Partnership with Hexagon

Our Alliance with Hexagon for Superior EAM

We are involved in an enduring partnership with Hexagon for integrated, flexible Enterprise Asset Management and maintenance solutions.

What is HxGN EAM?

 Integrated Solutions for Industry 4.0-Ready Enterprise Asset Management

As a certified partner of Hexagon, we offer top-tier Enterprise Asset Management and maintenance solutions.

Integrated with AT4S2’s own platform, HxGN EAM serves as the foundation for continuous improvement and world-class maintenance processes with over 30 years of experience.

HxGN EAM, integrated with AT4 Smart Service’s own platform, offers a robust foundation for Asset Management and Maintenance, enabling organizations to transition from Enterprise Asset Management to Asset Performance Management effectively with features such as:


AI and ML for data accuracy and strategic insights


Cloud-native foundation with device-independent access


GIS/BIM capabilities


Comprehensive modules for asset and work management, procurement, and more


Asset Investment Planning for optimal investment strategies


Digital Work mobile app for field technicians

We specialize in implementing and operating the advanced HxGN EAM solution, providing comprehensive training to ensure our clients can leverage its full potential in achieving their goals, such as:

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Asset Investment Planning for strategic investment decisions 

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Digital Work mobile app for instant field technician access to data

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Reliability, flexibility, and scalability for organizational growth 

Why Choose HxGN EAM?

The Top-of-the-Market Asset Management Solution


Market-leading EAM Platform


Extensive Industry Experience


Flexible, Integrated Solutions


Comprehensive Functionalities


Continuous Improvement Focus


Mobile App Availability and Customization


High Reliability and Uptime


Awarded EAM provider

AT4 Smart Services’s choice of the HxGN EAM platform stands out for its deep integration capabilities and robust feature set. What sets HxGN EAM apart is its comprehensive functionality and exceptional reliability. This platform was designed to withstand the rigors of industrial operations, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Combined with our approach, which is informed by years of industry-specific expertise, HxGN EAM enables the creation of tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of different sectors. This customization allows the embedding of the platform into the fabric of each business, ensuring that it responds intuitively to the unique rhythms and requirements of the industry.

The commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the provision of advanced, user-friendly options, an aspect of HxGN EAM that reflects an understanding of the evolving technological landscape and the need for robust, adaptable, and accessible solutions.

Industry-Specific Benefits

Tailoring EAM Solutions to Your Industry

Tailored solutions meeting industry-specific regulations and optimizing processes for each sector.


Pharma & Chemicals

Compliant with FDA regulations, our solutions offer advanced reporting and efficient management of validation processes, essential for these highly regulated sectors.


Food & Beverage

We focus on increasing plant equipment uptime and minimizing food safety issues, aligning with industry standards, and minimizing non-compliance penalties.

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Our solutions support optimized processes according to World Class Manufacturing/Maintenance and CAPEX savings, crucial for the fast-paced automotive sector.


Metals & Steel Manufacturing

We enhance process optimization, reduce corrective maintenance costs, and improve plant productivity, addressing the unique needs of the metals industry.

Our Services

Our Comprehensive Services for HxGN EAM Excellence

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Our team ensures seamless integration of HxGN EAM into your existing systems, providing a smooth transition and immediate efficiency gains.

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We tailor HxGN EAM to fit your specific business needs, ensuring that the solution aligns perfectly with your operational requirements.

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Delivered by our Academy department, we offer specialized training across various standards, ensuring your team is fully equipped to leverage the HxGN EAM platform to its fullest potential.

Client-Centric Approach & Case Studies

Your Goals, Our Focus: AT4 Smart Services’ Client-Centricity

We believe in walking alongside our clients, understanding their unique requirements to provide the best customized solutions.

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Increase in plant

“AT4 Smart Services helped us face our organizational and maintenance challenges, obtaining excellent results such as the continuous reduction of corrective maintenance costs with consequent increase in plant productivity.”

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Excellence in spare parts management

“AT4 Smart Services helped us reorganize the total management of spare parts in stock.
Thanks to technical classification methodologies and
management systems, we now have total mastery of warehouse efficiency.”


Excellence in HSEQ

“AT4 Smart Services finally allows us to manage complete Safety and Environmental processes,
with maximum simplicity and transparency thanks to the direct contribution of all the actors (internal and external, suppliers or consultants).”


Advanced compliance and performance

“AT4 Smart Services
helped us achieve a
centralized and complete management process of maintenance and calibration, validation and activities in compliance with
legal obligations

🚀Begin Your EAM Journey: Connect with Our Experts

Ready to transform your industrial maintenance? Contact us to start your journey with AT4S2 and HxGN EAM.


Flavio Beretta

Founder & CEO @ AT4 Smart Services | Driving Innovation in Asset Management & Enhancing Industrial Efficiency


Silvia Granatiero

Marketing & Sales Manager @ AT4 Smart Services | Connecting Creative Communication with Technology | HxGN EAM | Industry 4.0


Eleonora De Alberici

Sales Manager @ AT4 Smart Services | Connecting Business & Parntership with Technology & Innovation | HxGN EAM | Industry 4.0